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This type of photography is aimed maximally at the needs of a company.

It includes portraits, product photos, photos of locations and interiors of all kinds, as well as event photos. These photos can be used in presentations, to attract employees or for training. On websites, social media and in promotional materials, they optimize the company’s profile. They also support corporate reports and document company events.

Unlike advertising photography, corporate photography is not just about a single product or service of the company. With each photo it supports the company’s holistic brand presentation.

While many business owners have an inkling of what photography can do for them. But to understand how they can effectively use the images for their marketing, the support of experienced professional photographers and videographers is very useful.



Event photography is about capturing moments at an event on camera so that the things which happened yesterday will still be positively talked about tomorrow.

In this respect, event photography not only allows you to optimize your brand identity. Vivid, powerful and concise images give customers the exclusive opportunity to get to know a company in a true-to-life and authentic way.

With my style of event photography, I am mainly booked for corporate events, such as conferences, trade shows, summits, barcamps, but also for street parties, galas, company anniversaries and fashion shows. At weddings I am only active in exceptional cases, e.g. when a bridal couple belongs to my circle of friends.

Let me know if you want to have me and my Canon EOS R at your event.

"Photography is the art of making memories tangible."

Destin Sparks


In a way, my type of documentary photography is related to event photography. Here, however, journalistic, sometimes even investigative aspects are the focus of my photographic work, i.e. providing the public with relevant visual information.

For this purpose I realize freelance photo projects like my multiple award-winning series “I can’t breathe” with the advantage of complete independence in reporting and image rights. In addition, I work as a freelance photographer for journalistic clients on a fee basis, e.g. for publishing houses, broadcasters and photo agencies.

Photojournalistic clients are welcome to contact me for editorial projects. I am always interested in interesting topics and approaches.



I count everything that makes life more beautiful and interesting as part of lifestyle, including the photographic genres of people, portrait, product, interior, food and travel.

For me, it’s primarily about the purpose for which the photos are to be taken. For a print magazine? For social media? For a digital photo book? For a website? For a portal? For flyers or brochures? For menus?

Depending on the playout medium and the target group, for example, the image style and the image format define themselves – and thus the photographic concept. It is very useful to have or develop such a concept already for taking a photo. For example, it enables a strong visual recognition value.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."

Dorothea Lange


In addition to corporate commissioned photography or for journalistic occasions, I am also active photographically in artistic matters.

I like to photograph documentary, situational, spontaneous. That’s why I also have a soft spot for street photography. To adjust to the situation or to react to it, even if you are not adjusted to it, that is the challenge.

I’m regularly on the lookout for the story in one frame, for that special moment that tells a story, that is characterized by an atmosphere or where the street scene is literally a very special one.

Then I also play with different styles or techniques, like panning. Here the idea is to get a moving object, e.g. train, cyclist or even pedestrian in focus while its visual surroundings linger in blur.

"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice."

Robert Frank
Fees and prices

Depending on the area of application and effort, my fee is based on the recommendations of

Like other entrepreneurs, freelance photographers not only pay taxes from their fees and cover the entire cost of living, including rent, car, insurance, etc., but also keep their equipment up to date and professional.

Ideally, they even still put something aside for retirement and vacation.

In this sense I offer the following shooting missions. Feel free to contact me via email.


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